How to Find Printer’s IP Address


I've installed a new printer on the server and on CUPS, I checked the 'Share printers connected to this system', but not 'Allow printing from the Internet'.

The client finds the printer and configures it with a


But the printer is Idle – "The printer is not responding."

I've read that to install the (any) printer correctly the IP address is needed.

Anybody has any idea how to obtain the IP address of a printer? My printer is not listed in HPLIP (yet).

Edit For ipp to work, do I have to set 'Allow printing from the Internet' on the server?
Also, Is it possible to allow only a specific client per IP or MAC?

Solved So easy. I forgot to check the 'Show printers shared by other systems' on the client machine. I choose the printer I was looking for and bingo! No need for the IP after all.

Best Answer

ip address of the printer is going to be the same as the server it is connected to.


If it is a network printer, not connected to another computer, but directly to your LAN, either it will display on the printer menu (menus vary by printer/model) or you can get the ip address from your router.

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