FTP – Alternatives to FileZilla for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


Suddenly filezilla has started behaving abnormally..
As and when i try to connect to some ftp from the site manager , filezilla crashes and automatically closes..

If I try to connect via quick connect then it connects to the ftp but doesn't show any file or directory..

I am really struck here . my speed of working has been halved . I tried using gftp but its not as convenient as filezilla.

Please help me out with filezilla or suggest me an equivalent ftp client

Best Answer

I use the basic ssh and sftp because I learned how to use them long ago, and I find them easy to use.

But you may find it easier to use the standard file browser 'Files' alias nautilus in standard Ubuntu. Click on the symbol with three horizontal lines and select 'Enter Location', and type the IP address. In a local network you can type


if that is the address to your server. If you open another window with 'Files' you can copy between the windows (if you have write access).

You can create a bookmark if you intend to connect to this address again. Click on the symbol with three horizontal lines and select 'Bookmark this location'.

In case you are using a custom port e.g. 1234 and want to connect directly to a specific remote directory e.g. /var/www/example.com with the username someUser then type:


If you have problems also with 'Files', I think there is some other problem, maybe with the network or with some tool under the hood, and not with Filezilla.

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