Ubuntu – Files disappeared in ntfs partition using Ubuntu 11.10


I am working with both Windows 7 and Ubuntu in my laptop. While using Ubuntu I usually save a lot of files in my Windows partition (ntfs), which I use as some sort of common storage place between both OSs. The thing is, yesterday some of my files I created on the ntfs partition simply disappeared. Then I came across this post

Files disappear on NTFS partition

and ran chkdisk, then the files reappeared perfectly. The problem is that now I don't feel comfortable using Ubuntu because I'm afraid files may disappear.

Is there a way to permanently fix this problem? I thought ntfs issues had already been overcome in the linux kernel.

Best Answer

This may be caused by Windows "synchronising" its hibernation image with the changed filesystem state.

Have a look at this question

The solution would be not to use hibernation in Windows. Ubuntu is not at fault :)