Files and Folders – Recover Disappeared Desktop Items in Ubuntu


It's quite like this question. But there is a little bit difference.

In my situation, all files and folders in the Desktop were disappeared. And when I right clicked on the desktop, the drop-down box didn't appear. Whatever operation I did, nothing happened.

But when I opened the home folder, and access the desktop folder from it, files and folders were there. And I could operate the files as usual.

So I wonder how to get my files and folders back to the Desktop.

Best Answer

Thanks to @green7. His answer here helps me solve the problem.

First of all, I'm sure my ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs isn't changed.

Second, restart nautilus.

  1. run the command in the terminal: killall nautilus or nautilus -q

  2. press Alt+F2, search nautilus and run it.

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