Ubuntu – File sync error (AUTH_FAILED)


Recently I started getting a File sync error on all 3 of my PCs running Ubuntu One. One is running Ubuntu, the other 2 are running Windows 8. Looking at the list of clients on the web, none of them were there anymore.

I found this article:

Ubuntu One : Help : FAQs—What should I do if authentication fails? (AUTH_FAILED state)

On how to fix the issue for my Ubuntu PC and it worked perfectly. Now I am looking for a similar fix for Windows but haven't found one yet. I've tried un-installing Ubuntu One and re-installing it, but it must still be holding the keys somewhere because it never asked me to login again.

Does anyone know where I can clear these keys to get my files syncing on Windows again?

Best Answer

On Windows 8 you should be able to find the Ubuntu One token by using Windows Vault to manage credentials. This should be the same on Windows 7 as well.

On Windows XP, the registry editor must be used, and you have to remove the token under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ubuntu One\Keyring\.

On Ubuntu, you can open the Passwords and Keys application from the dash, or from System Settings, then find the Ubuntu One token entry and delete it.

After, open the Ubuntu One control panel application again, and log in, and you should be connected again.

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