Ubuntu – Fails to boot after upgrade, stuck on winbind package


I started the upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 last night. Once it got the installing packages part I left the computer unattended the rest of the night. When I checked it this morning the screen was blank and I couldn't get it to turn on. So I cycled power, and now I get the "Ubuntu 11.10" screen with the dots underneath, but then it gets to a blank screen and nothing more. I can get to the command line in recovery mode; here's a list of the things I've tried so far

  • sudo apt-get update – the very first repository it checked sat at 0% for a long time (network cable is plugged in), so I cancelled with Ctrl+C
  • Thought it might be a problem with display drivers, so I tried sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx – this gave me an error saying dpkg has been interrupted, manually run sudo dpkg --configure -a
  • sudo dpkg --configure -a this installed / updated a bunch of stuff but got stuck at Starting Winbind daemon winbind
  • Restarted and tried sudo dpkg --configure -a again but it gets stuck at same Windbind step

What else can I do to fix this problem?

Best Answer

You might want to try sudo dpkg --purge winbind to completely remove it first (this package is a part of samba Install samba which facilitates sharing files over a network with machines running Windows). You can reinstall the package later if you wish.

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