Ubuntu – Faience theme 12.10


I'm trying to install the faience theme in ubuntu 12.10 with unity. I installed it from the ppa, then tried to use Unsettings to apply it.

I can apply all of the themes except for the window themes. The GTK and icon themes work fine.

Anybody have this problem?

Best Answer

A comment on the deviantART theme page explains how to fix this. It appears to be caused by the file metacity-1/metacity-theme-2.xml. You can either remove it or rename it:

 cd /usr/share/themes/Faience/metacity-1 # Or ~/.themes/Faience/metacity-1 if you installed it by hand
 sudo mv metacity-theme-2.xml metacity-theme-2.xml-OLD

This will allow you to set the Faience window theme.

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