Ubuntu – Exchange with Evolution or any other mail client


I see other questions about this, no answers and no one with a completely similar question.

I work for a place with an Exchange 2007 server. There is an http://owa.ourserver.com that is accessible from anywhere. I've tried every combo I can think of for Evolution -> Microsoft Exchange, including the MAPI plugin, but then I read that, that doesn't work on OWA Exchange email servers and I can't get it to connect at all that way.

If there is no way to connect via Evolution, is there another mail client? I tried Thunderbird, but I couldn't get it to work with Exchange either…

Best Answer

You should try DavMail Exchange Gateway.

You can use it "standalone" on your own computer, or on a server so you can share it with other colleagues.

Basically, this application connects to the Exchange server (you can use the web address you gave) and translates all Exchange specific stuff into standards protocols: POP, IMAP, Caldav, SMTP, Carddav or LDAP. So you can access e-mails, calendar and contacts (included corporate ones) from this application.

Then, you just have to configure Thunderbird or Evolution, etc. to connect to this application instead of Exchange.

It works like a charm on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. There is a 'deb' package in the download section of the project web-site, so you can easily install it on Ubuntu.

Then, you can launch it from the Applications->Internet menu.