Ubuntu – Error to deploy of openstack-autopilot on a single virtual machine via KVM


After running all steps to install the Canonical Distribution on our virtual machine, using Ubuntu14.04.2Lts Svr Edition, I've received an error at the end of that, as we've reported in this post:

error on the deploy of openstack-autopilot “failed status”

I've decided, as suggested us by dpb, to try to use the single machine option of openstack-install and testing openstack on our host. During the install I've not received any error, but it took 3h to run the installer and it continued to stay on "Creating Container:", as reported on this image:

enter image description here


enter image description here

it remains in this status for long time….

after 3hr the situation is invariable

enter image description here

any suggestions?

Best Answer

If that screenshot is any indication of the Distro you're running (Utopic) there is a known bug with apparmor that causes the single installer to fail


The relevant launchpad bug:


You'll want to upgrade your kernel from that proposed pocket and report to our github bug if that fixes the installer issue.