Ubuntu – Error: could not set EFI variable ‘OsIndications’


After completing a command-line Ubuntu 17.04 to 17.10 upgrade from this link, I tried booting Ubuntu 17.04 from a live USB drive. Anticlimactically, I couldn't. I can still boot into the new Ubuntu 17.10 and Windows 8, both of which are installed on the hard drive. When I tried going into the UEFI configuration menu, I get that disconcerting message seen in the title: Error: could not set EFI variable 'OsIndications'

Using the application gnome-disks on Ubuntu 17.10, I can mount the partitions Recovery, Push Button Reset, and ESP, though ESP does not show up in nautilus.

I use live Ubuntu and live Kali Linux among other OS's frequently, and having no access to the UEFI menu cuts me off from using them anymore. Are there some commands or startup key sequences I can use to rescue the EFI partition, whatever it may be? I'm not eager to try to troubleshoot it myself as I'm aware how delicate the EFI is. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Best Answer

The EFI partition is fine, the problem is in firmware; however, there is a fix.

edit /etc/grub.d/30_uefi-firmware and remove the if/then/fi statement. I changed mine to read:

gettext_printf "Adding boot menu entry for EFI firmware configuration\n" >&2

cat << EOF
menuentry 'uefi-firmware' {

Then sudo update-grub, you should now have a UEFI firmware option in grub.

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