Ubuntu – Environment font size is too small


So I've chosen a font by

System Settings -> Application Appearance -> Fonts

And there I've adjusted all fonts to be of 14th size. And also checked "Use my KDE fonts…" in Gtk+ appearance. I've also did the same using

kdesudo systemsettings

But still some fonts are tiny! It's not the 14th size!

enter image description here

Edit 2:

I thought it might be one of Gnome font settings. So I've increased all fonts in

sudo gnome-tweak-tool
sudo gconf-editor

No help!


Ubuntu tweak also gives no help (note the tiny fonts!):

enter image description here


It looks like the problem is with gtk3: when I compile emacs 24.0.92 with gtk3 – i get small menu fonts. When I do the same with a default gtk2 – everything is all right.

Best Answer

Unfortunately this is a known bug in KDE, where the font size of the shutdown dialogue is not affected by system settings. Please vote for the bug on the bug tracker if you would like it fixed.


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