Ubuntu – Entering printer username and password


I am attempting to print to a Konica Minolta Bizhub C220. It requires me to authenticate to print. In other posts I see many people who receive some sort of pop-up asking them to authenticate but this does not happen for me. Instead, the data file is sent correctly, the printer processes it, and stops before printing because it requires authentication. In Windows, there is an option to enter a username and password; is there something similar the printer properties in Ubuntu that I'm missing?

Best Answer

Stop cups with sudo service cups stop and edit /etc/cups/printers.conf with your preferred editor.At the top of the file there should be a

AuthInfoRequired username,password

Now I had some mixed results with this and with one printer I has to it out and with another I could put in a username, password. After editing start cups with sudo service cups start and retry printing it.

Also make sure the printer is using ipp.

By the way: from the "view print queue" you can also enter username and password to unlock a job by right clicking a job and pick "authentication"