Ubuntu – Ensuring Cloned Computer Can Coexist with Original on Network


I've just cloned a computer (see here for my process, if it's relevant) and I want to make sure it will be OK on the same network as the original.

I've changed the host name back to what it was pre cloning, so there won't be duplicates on the network, but I want to make sure I make any other necessary fixes before I put the computers running Ubuntu 12.04, on the same network. Is there anything else I need to do before I link them back up?

Best Answer

You must change the host name; you've already done that.

Depending on how your computer obtains its IP address, you may need to update it.

  • If your computer uses DHCP and is assigned an essentially random address from the dynamic IP address pool, each computer will naturally gets its own address.
  • If your computer gets its IP address via DHCP based on the host name, you should update the database in the DHCP server.
  • If your computer has a static IP address, you'll need to change it. Check your network configuration to see which IP addresses are permissible and not taken yet. Static IP address are usually configured in /etc/network/interfaces, but if you used wicd or NetworkManager then you'll need to update the relevant configuration.

You must change the SSH host key. Each computer needs to have its own private key. Remove /etc/ssh/ssh_host_*_key* and run dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server to generate new host keys.

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