Ubuntu – enable OS X-style mouse wheel scrolling (not natural scrolling)

mousemouse scroll

This is the way that Mac OS scrolling with a boring old handheld mouse works (as opposed to fancy soap bar and multitouch mice): The more and the faster you scroll, the further the mouse scrolling goes.

For instance, if I scroll one little tick on the mouse, the window scrolls a tiny amount. However, if I scroll twice in fast succession, the window scrolls a small amount once and then a faster amount the next time, etc.

Ubuntu has boring old pure linear scrolling. Is there nay way I can enable the Mac OS scrolling?

Best Answer

This feature is often referred to as mouse scroll acceleration, or mouse wheel acceleration. Unfortunately, this feature is not implemented yet.

Here is the corresponding XServer issue (reported by me originally, also my patch...), this is the launchpad report, and here is a similar report for lipinput in Wayland.

I guess you could help with your vote on the issue. Or with an updated patch for libinput.

I implemented such a feature in user space here (mouse-scroll-wheel-acceleration-userspace). This will increase the scroll speed, or accelerate the scroll speed. You would just run this in the background, with your preferred options. The code is quite simple Python code, and should be easy to modify as well.