Ubuntu – Enable Bluetooth at startup on 14.04


First of all sorry if there is a duplicate, I haven been able to find it.
I have found a huge lot of questions in the other sense: Disabling BT, but that's not what I want.

I would like to know how to get my BT working as soon as possible in order to be able to type in my password at login or at least have it working when the desktop loads.

My machine is a HP ProBook 4515s. I am almost sure that the BT is linked to the WiFi card so that it may be necessary to have that first enabled.

Would it be possible to just change the startup order of the WiFi service in /etc/init.d?

In any case, I still need to cajole the bluetooth thingy to wake up as soon has he can… and while I am trying to RTFM as hard as possible, I just find a ton of people asking how to DISABLE it while I want it the other way around:)

THX mates

Best Answer

Open sudo gedit /etc/rc.local file.

And add the following line before the exit 0:

rfkill unblock all

Now enter the following line in a terminal:

sudo reboot

After system boots up your bluetooth would be Enable.

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