Ubuntu – Empathy Google Talk with Non Google Account


Updated I use a live/hotmail account for my google services including google chat.
In previous versions of empathy, I would specify the domain on my google talk account to talk.google.com and then it would accept my user name of whatever@live.com and I'd be able to talk to my contacts. This new version doesn't seem to work the same. When I enter my connection info and try to connect, I get "Authentication failed for account ###@###" and it asks me to re-enter my password. I've no doubt in my mind that the password is wrong. What troubleshooting steps can I take to make this work correctly?

I've gone into the /.mission-control/accounts/accounts.cfg and made sure that the parameters for my live mail account looked right. And they did. the username, and server were what they should be. everything is the same as another actual Google account I used as a test to make sure it wasn't just all google accounts.

Best Answer

Empathy should automatically realize talk.google.com is your domain. Have you tried entering in your email address and password anyways?

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