Ubuntu – Empathy, Google account, 2 step verification needs authorization every time I login


The title says it all.

I have enabled 2 step verification at my Google account. Unfortunately this causes Empathy to lose authorization after every reboot. Even though I authorize Empathy following the steps:

1) going to Google Account Management

2) clicking "Authorizing applications & sites"

3) using the "Generate new application-specific password" feature

4) adding that new password to Empathy

This all works fine the first time I do it. But after a reboot, Empathy doesn't feel authorized anymore, and I need to do it again. It's getting too much of a frustration. Is there a way to make Google remember Empathy's authorization?

Looking at Google's "Revoke" option, I am thinking the authorization should stay there.

Best Answer

This has been reported on Launchpad as a problem report.

The only suggestion in the report is to switch to Pidgin since that supports 2-step verification.