Ubuntu – ElanTech TouchPad NOT detected as PS/2 in EXO NIFTY 7385


My touchpad is not recognized (is not present in the xinput list) as a PS/2 device or a USB device after installing Ubuntu 14.04. My computer is an Ultrabook that I bought with Windows 8, the touchpad worked perfectly in that OS. Ubuntu is installed as the only OS, root is in a 32GB SSD and /home in a HDD 500Gb. The Ultrabook comes with UEFI, I disabled FAST BOOT, and boot in dual mode (UEFI and Legacy). I can use an external USB mouse. My guess is that the device is disable or not recognized to work in Legacy. Could it be possible? Any ideas for detecting the Touchpad?

Best Answer

Try the following

cat /proc/bus/input/devices | grep Name

Output should include > Elantech Touchpad

If so download the following


Open a terminal, and follow these steps

cd ~/Downloads sudo dkms ldtarball psmouse-elantech-x551c.tar.gz sudo dkms install -m psmouse -v elantech-x551c

sudo rmmod psmouse sudo modprobe psmouse



- Ubuntu activate multi touch on elantech

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