Ubuntu – During Ubuntu Installation: No “Alongside Windows 8” option and “Use something else” only shows 500GB free space (no other /dev/)


I have trouble installing Ubuntu, which I want to be alongside Windows 8. There is no alongside option but only the 'Erase disk and install Ubuntu' option and also 'Use something else'. It is as if my disk is empty without any Windows 8 OS.

I know that I can install it using the 'Use something else' option… by creating a partition in the Windows 8. By shrinking and get the unallocated 20GB free space partition (at which I already have currently) and I also know when I exceed 4 partitions, then the installation won't work, so now I only have:

  • C:partition 175GB NTFS,
  • E: partition 270GB NTFS,
  • System reserve partition 350MB NTFS, and;
  • also 20GB unallocated partition (I made for Ubuntu).

But when I boot Ubuntu from a USB flash drive, pressing F12, I then have both the 'Try Ubuntu' and 'Install' options.

When I click 'Install', I still don't have the 'Install alongside' option. Instead
I only have the 'Erase and install Ubuntu' option.

Also, when I click on 'Use something else', it only shows:

 Free space 500 000 Mb. 

As if there is no primary partition. Because normally it would show:

dev/ sda1 ntfs
dev/ sda2 
dev/ sda3

So I am afraid to proceed because the free space I made was, and should be, 20GB and not the whole 500GB.

I need help.
I've been searching all over internet and I couldn't find a problem that is the same as mine. I would really appreciate any help. Frankly, I'm really tired of using the 'Try Ubuntu' option.

P.S. My Windows 8 was installed by PC technician when my laptop was reformatted.

Best Answer

Do the 'Try Ubuntu' to boot in to the live disk, and then open up the partition manager (Gparted) to see what partitions are really on the drive.

Or go back in to Windows, winkey+x to bring up the little menu of options from the Desktop, go in to Disk Manager and do the same thing.

Make sure there are really only 3 primary partitions, leaving one available for Ubuntu. If you already have 4 primaries used, you'll need to do some juggling.