Ubuntu – “Dumthe Output” No sound in Ubuntu 16.04


None of the HDMI output are working, all saying "dummy output", it was working yesterday, but when I use the headphones it became soundless, with or without the headphones.
Thank you already!

Best Answer

I had a similar issue happen where suddenly (I have no idea what I updated, or what changed in the system) I could not get sound.

I did the whole pulseaudio -k && sudo alsa force-reload thing. I didn't have any cards listed from pacmd list-cards but I could see the device with commands like:
lspci -nnk | grep -A2 Audio

I even installed a newer kernel (4.8+ since it apparently has good support for my particular machine).

In the end, I rebooted into the bios and disabled the built-in audio, applied those changes, rebooted to Ubuntu, then rebooted again into the bios to re-enable the audio. Once back into Ubuntu after that, everything seemed to work great!

Don't know if this will help with other people looking for solutions to their problems. I was using a Dell XPS 13 (9350), but might be something for others to at least try.

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