Ubuntu – Dualboot ubuntu13.10 and win8.1 already have 4 primary partitions


I have a Toshiba Satellite L855-150 and I would like to install Ubuntu without erasing my Windows8.1 Installation.

The problem is I have four primary partitions on my laptop which are:

enter image description here

How do I proceed to install Ubuntu next to Win8.1 on my Laptop?

Which one of the four primary partitions can I erase to install Ubuntu?

Best Answer

Windows only ever allows 4 primary partitions, because the phrase "primary partition" is only applicable to MBR partition tables and MBR partition tables only allow four primary partitions.

In the above screenshot it was clearly shown that you had 6 partitions which exceeds 4,so it's not MBR.

In GPT partition table (available since Windows Server 2003 on 64-bit versions of Windows) you can have up to 128 partitions and do not need to distinguish between "primary" and "extended" partitions.

So you can erase any one of the partition other than the Windows partition and install Ubuntu on it.