Ubuntu – Dual screens with one workspace on each


I have a dual screen, compiz-fusion and i don't have a NVDIA/ATI graphic card and i use ubuntu 10.10.

i currently use the two monitors: the desktop is stretched across monitors and i can drag an application across monitors.

My question follows: i would like to use the left monitor only to display workspace1 and the right monitor to display workspace2. Is this possible ? If yes how (I've found mention of dualXscreen on this board, but i can't find it in the compizConfig menus).


Best Answer

As far as I know, Compiz doesn't support what you want.

I've heard that there are other window managers that can. I don't remember which ones in particular -- Xmonad? Awesome? I remember that the one I heard about was a tiling window manager, and decided changing all my window-managing habits was too great a cost for this feature.

As a workaround I sometimes mark windows as visible on all workspaces and then keep them on one monitor.