Ubuntu – Dual boot Ubuntu(latest) and Windows 10 on Msi H170M Pro-Vdh using Msi Click Bios 5

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I have recently installed Ubuntu on additional partitions on my secondary hard disk. The installation seems to have worked, but I can't find a way to actually boot to Ubuntu. Arranging the boot order didn't work, it seems the secondary drive is completely, with all its partitions being ignored.
Did I do something wrong or is it just not working with this kind of system?

EDIT: BootInfo: http://paste2.org/wwXXJ1ZY

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Often Boot-Repair can fix booting type issues with Ubuntu and some other Linux. It can only do very minor fixes to Windows issues. One fix often is just a install of grub to MBR if BIOS or to ESP if UEFI. But some need advanced options and full reinstall of grub.


Occasionally with complex configurations, it is better to have someone who understands issues review details. You can post the Summary Report from Boot-Repair.


Boot-Repair will not create partitions, with gpt partitioning you may need either the ESP - efi system partition(UEFI boot) or a bios_grub partition(BIOS boot). If older BIOS/MBR, it does not require additional partitions.

How to prepare a disk on an EFI based PC for Ubuntu?

Boot-Repair can create a copy of shimx64.efi as /EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi if you tick/check the 'Use the standard EFI file' in advanced options. Boot-Repair also suggests one of several alternative methods (BCD edit) to get UEFI systems that only want to boot Windows. Other methods:

Dual boot Win 8 / Ubuntu loads only Win

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