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I've installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS along side with Windows 10 (I shrinked my Disk using Windows Disk Management) on my Acer laptop (ES1-531-C13G), but when I restart/reboot my system no menu (Grub screen) appears from where I can select the operating system that I want to boot with, but instead, system takes me into Windows 10 everytime. I've tried several things from internet including :

  • Ran bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi from windows command prompt.
  • Reset Bootorder i.e. first Ubuntu then Windows from Ubuntu terminal (after successful Ubuntu installation) etc, but nothing works for me so far. Please guide me !

Best Answer

@oldfred thanks very much for your support, links you shared really help me out. Following are the steps of the solution that works for me.

Press F2 to enter into BIOS and do following:

  • Set supervisor password from Security menu option.

  • Set BootMode to 'UEFI' from Boot menu option.

  • Enable SecureBoot from Boot menu option.

  • From Security menu option - Select 'UEFI file as trusted for
    executing' press Enter then 'HDD0' appears press Enter then 'EFI'
    appears press Enter then select 'ubuntu' option from the list (only
    listed if you have ubuntu installed already) press Enter then choose 'shimx64.efi' (In my case it's the third entry) press Enter give it a name and press Enter.

  • Go back to Boot menu option and under Boot priority goto
    'ubuntu' item in the list and press F6 until it become top most item in the list. Repeat same for 'Windows Boot manager' until it becomes second top most item in the list.

  • Press F10 to save changes and exit.

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