Ubuntu – Dual boot ubuntu windows ssd in caddy

dual-bootwindows 10

I have a spare smaller SSD.

Can I install windows into a second SSD in caddy in my laptop dvd slot WHILE keeping my Ubuntu 18.04 OS in my main first SSD drive?

ie I am running Ububtu 18.04. I want install windows into another drive using the DVD caddy space.

-what are the exact steps I need to do to make it happen?
-Will grub detect ok or will windows boot ruin my original Ubuntu grub?
-is there an easy way to do this?

(note :- I tried installing windows first then Ubuntu as dual boot after on one drive but so many problems with either linux or Ubuntu not booting. I tried with manjaro and I had much more problems than with Ubuntu.. so I am sticking with Ubuntu as main OS on SSD1

My Ubuntu is working great so I don't want to wipe everything and install Windows then dual boot ubuntu on same drive again.. too many problems before. Even bootrepair didn't help. I just heard that installing windows on second drive might be better? )

appreciate any advice

Best Answer

In this case even though I can't give you a certain anwser, you may try this:

Since a classical way of dual-boot is "Ubuntu alongside Windows" but not "Windows alongside Ubuntu", I strongly suggest physically unmounting your Ubuntu HD/SSD first before you install windows on the caddy ssd. Why? Since your motherboard normally will automatically assign your Ubuntu disk as primary disk (say /dev/sda), so despite you want to install Windows on caddy SSD (say /dev/sdb), it may overwrite boot partition on your /dev/sda, which leads to your ubuntu unbootable. So, by physically removing your /dev/sda, since you only have one ssd on your caddy on your motherboard, windows installer can now assign its own boot partition and install everything it needs over /dev/sdb. Once your done, remount your ubuntu disk, boot into your ubuntu and in terminal type sudo update-grub , if it detects windows boot file, then I think you're good to have dual-boot.

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