Ubuntu – Dropbox does not sync on ubuntu 14.04


For mysterious reasons dropbox is not working anymore.
I have added few small pdf to my folder and it is syncing them for hours. I have tried to remove and reinstall dropbox but nothing is changed.

I suspect this can be due a possible recent ubuntu update. Has anyone the same problem or now how to solve it?

Best Answer

I had the same problem, I removed the .dropbox hidden folder (located at home directory) and reinstalled Dropbox again.

But according to https://www.dropbox.com/help/72 you can reset ownership an permissions running the following commands:

sudo chown "$USER" "$HOME"
sudo chown -R "$USER" ~/Dropbox ~/.dropbox ~/.dropbox-master
sudo chattr -R -i ~/Dropbox
sudo chmod -R u+rw ~/Dropbox ~/.dropbox ~/.dropbox-master
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