Ubuntu – “drm:[drm_crtc_helper_set_config] *ERROR* failed to set mode on [CRTC6]” during install


I have a desktop PC which I built a while back. It has an Athlon XP 2500+, 2.5GB RAM, and an Nvidia (PNY Verto) Geforce 6200. I removed the CD drive to add another hard drive so I install from a USB flash drive.

When I try to install 12.04 it seems to work just fine. The GUI boots up and wifi even connects to my router. I go through the language screen, the partition screen, the keyboard screen, the location screen, and the import my Windows settings screen just fine.

But as soon as I'm done with all that the next screen goes black and displays this message:

drm:[drm_crtc_helper_set_config] *ERROR* failed to set mode on [CRTC6]

Since the GUI starts just fine earlier during the install, I know I shouldn't be having any display problems, but I am. How do I get Ubuntu to install properly?

I have four IDE hard drives, all Western Digital: a 250GB, a 160GB, a 40GB occupied by Windows XP, and a 120GB that I'm trying to use for Ubuntu. 3GB of the 120GB drive are formatted for swap.

I have checked the MD5sum of install image file and it all matches up.

d791352694374f1c478779f7f4447a3f ubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso

Best Answer

This is a long shot, but it might be worth trying just to conclusively rule it out.

Have you tried adding the kernel option/parameter nomodeset when you boot your install media?

If you need more detail on how to do this try looking at this answer to another question.

BTW, you are not using multiple monitors, are you? If so, then perhaps try disconnecting all but one of them during the install? (He's been there, done that. No joy.)

Perhaps try the Alternate Install?

I'm not sure if this is a "good" suggestion but, like nomodeset, it might be worth at least trying.

The description of the Alternate Install media on the Ubuntu community wiki says:

It may happen occasionally that your computer is not able to run the standard Desktop installation CD because it does not meet the hardware requirements, or the required drivers are missing from the standard LiveCD. ... The Alternate CD allows more advanced installation options which are not available with the Standard LiveCD.

The Alternate install ISO does a text mode install.

If you decide to try it you can obtain the Alternate install ISO from the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS releases page.

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