Ubuntu – Drivers are not detected on the Dell Inspiron 5420 (14R 3rd generation)


I'm using Dell inspiron 5420 (14R 3rd generation), and tried to install Ubuntu 10.10, 11.10, 12.04, 12.04.1 but each and every time, it doesn't support any of my driver such as network card, wireless driver, video driver and as well as audio and touch-pad driver. audio, video and touch-pad works with their basic functionality but don't work with their full functionality.

I'm a new user of Ubuntu, and willing to use it permanently. In this condition I tried some solutions from the web but didn't get out from this problem.

For this I'm knocking to you, if you give me the proper solution for getting out of this problem, I'll be very grateful to you all.

Best Answer

This is my compilation for networking in Dell Inspiron 5420 using 12.04. To find the link please visit my blog.

To activate wire network:

  1. Install compat wireless with this version compat-wireless-2012-02-28-p

    ./scripts/driver-select alx
    sudo make install
  2. Reboot and plug in your wire network.

  3. After you wired network is up now its time fire up the wireless. Download this file.

    sudo dpkg -i wlan_amd64.deb

    First time it will fail then you have to do

    sudo apt-get -f install

    then it will get all file need to install wlan_amd64.deb

  4. Reboot your laptop.

All done.