Ubuntu – Driver for Canon LBP 2900


How do I install the driver for Canon LBP 2900 printer in Ubuntu 14.04?

I have tried installing drivers from the official CANON support and checked other answers on Ask Ubuntu but so far no results.

Best Answer

Below is my working solution, adaptable for other LBP models & PC bitwidths.


In the case of Ubuntu 64-bit, printer Canon LBP2900:

git clone https://github.com/hugolpz/Canon_printer.git
cd ./Canon_printer
make -f ./download.mk
sudo make -f ./install.mk BITS=64 PRINTER=LBP2900
sudo make -f ./OS_restart.mk
sudo make -f ./install.mk BITS=64 PRINTER=LBP2900

Adapt to your bitwidth.

OS restart

If printer is not working after install & OS restart :

sudo pkill -9 -x ccpd
sudo /etc/init.d/ccpd start   # Output should have 2 numbers of 4 digits !
> Canon Printer Daemon for CUPS: ccpd: 2626 2615    # seems good :)

For more instructions, see https://github.com/hugolpz/Canon_printer


Buy a non-Canon Linux compatible printer.

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