Ubuntu – Downgrading from ubuntu 11.10 to 10.10, keeping installed programs


I recently upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04 then 11.10, and I'd like to revert back to 10.10. I understand that you cannot downgrade a version as easily as you can upgrade, and that I'll probably have to get the boot CD again and reinstall the whole thing.

I know that I can keep most of my files by saving the /home directory, so 2 questions:
Once I've gone back to 10.10, can I juts copy my old version of home over the freshly installed one?

Is there a way to keep all of my installed programs, or some sort of way of getting the new install to automatically install them? Will I have to go through the tricky setups of things like TeX all over again?


Best Answer

I share your difficulty and i'm thinking of this too.

Downgrade is not officially supported but this guy on youtube shows a successful downgrade.


You might want to try this.