Ubuntu – Does wubi need separate partition? Can I manually allocate space for the home folder


I'm using Ubuntu 12.04, but there are some programs like AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Comsol Multyphysics that can run only on a Windows system.

I decided to reinstall my laptop, so I will install first Windows XP and then Ubuntu 12.04 again.

  1. While installing Windows – do I have to make 2 partitions (one for XP and another for Ubuntu) or at the next step, when I'm going to install Ubuntu, I can do it?
  2. If I'm installing Ubuntu with Wubi, can I decide how much space will be my home folder, or it's doing everything automatically?

Best Answer

You can create 2 partitions when you install Windows XP if you want, but it is also possible to do it as you install Ubuntu afterwards, also the Ubuntu installer is more graphical therefore I think it is much easier to use so I would recommend doing as you install Ubuntu.

You can select how much space is used by the whole of Ubuntu when you install with wubi, although you cannot decide how much space is used specifically by the home folder (but I believe you wanted to decide how much space the whole of Ubuntu uses anyway).

I would recommend installing Ubuntu via a live CD/DVD/USB rather than using wubi if your are comfortable doing so as wubi is known to (although rarely) cause problems.

Hope this helps.

P.S. This answer may be worded badly with mistakes as I have just woken up so an edit would be much appreciated! :)

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