Ubuntu – Does UEFI support mean Wubi will now work on laptops shipped with Windows 8


According to this news , there is an official fix for secure boot. Will Ubuntu adapt it?

If so, how long should it take? And does it allow booting new computers from Wubi?

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Ubuntu already supports secure boot, as mentioned in the real source of the news:

Does this mean Linux distributions can now support Secure Boot? They've actually been able to for a while. Ubuntu shipped with Secure Boot support last October, and Fedora shipped with Secure Boot support in January. Both used Shim rather than the Linux Foundation loader, and Shim's also being used by a variety of smaller distributions. The LF loader is a different solution to the same problem.

Wubi doesn't work on UEFI systems because it uses grub4dos which doesn't support GPT (GUID partition table) disks. This is unrelated to secure boot, other than the fact that Secure boot requires UEFI. That's the first problem.

The secure boot would be the second problem to solve since whatever solution provided would have to be signed to be useful (I would guess since I claim no expertise on this).

The third problem would be that someone should be working on it and - unless it's top secret - no information I have seen indicates that anyone is addressing the problem. The bug report has seen no change from Wishlist and remains Unassigned: https://bugs.launchpad.net/wubi/+bug/694242