Ubuntu – Why does turning Caps Lock off take such a long time to work


This is my biggest issue with Linux and the main reason I don't use it as my main working OS.

Whenever I use caps lock to write something in upper case and disable it in order to keep writing the next letter AFTER I've disabled it is written in upper case.

So, my text comes out weird, as SOMETHING *L*ike this

I've tried Linux Mint, Fedora … and the issue keeps happening.

Searching Google I've found some very rare persons have the same issue, but I was unable to find any solution.

Is there any way to solve this or am I DOOMED *F*or life?

BTW, whenever I ask this question someone suggest I should learn to use shift, instead of caps lock. I know, that's the right way, but I'm used to use caps lock and, well, it should work.

Best Answer

This is quite easy to fix. I have successfully used this technique on two people with a 100% success rate:

  1. Put the blade of a knife or tip of a flathead screwdriver underneath the capslock key.
  2. Twist.

The key should come flying off and you can dispose of it the best way you see fit. The recovery from such an operation is surprisingly short. Your little finger (what should be controlling that stuff) should quickly learn to find the shift key.

In all seriousness this is a long-standing but extremely rare bug. By long-standing I mean there are reports of it occasionally popping up all the way back to 2003.

Ultimately this is something you either have to get onto (hunt down an X developer, give them your laptop for a few weeks and probably pay them for their time), or put up with.

I would opt for learning to type properly. It's much quicker with the Shift key.

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