Ubuntu – Does TLP automatically start when the system boots


Does TLP automatically start when my system boots? Everytime i boot into Ubuntu i open a terminal and type sudo tlp startonly then i can find the difference in the system temperature. If TLP doesnt start automatically, Is there a way to add it as a startup applications?
and everytime the power mode changes from ac to battery or vice versa i need to again type

sudo tlp start. Is there a way TLP can switch modes automatically?

As mentioned in this link i did type systemctl enable tlp but i get an error :
systemctl: command not found. So what do i do now?

Best Answer

Yes TLP will automatically start you do not need to run any command

please check

  0.) General


Set to 0 to disable TLP (Reboot needed), It should be enabled so leave the default value

Is there a power saving application similar to Jupiter?

If you're not sure you can always check whether TLP is running by typing in a terminal:

sudo tlp-stat -s