Ubuntu – Does the system boot into a tty virtual terminal after installing 12.04


First I tried to upgrade to 12.04 and then tried a complete install.

Each seemed to progress correctly, but the same thing happened afterwards in each case.

When the system is rebooted, I see the Ubuntu screen and then the command line for a virtual tty terminal.

Ubuntu 12.04 al-HP-Pavilion-dv9000-notebook-PC-tty1
al-HP-Pavilion-dv9700-Notebook-pc login:

I log in and then get:


I enter the password and then get:

Last login:  Tue May 1 17:56 CDT (GNU/Linux 3.2.0-24-generic-pae i186)

*Documentation:  Https://help.ubuntu.com/

20 packages can be updated.
8 updates are security updates.


At this point, it does not matter what I enter or do, I simply get returned to the last line above this one.



Best Answer

Since I am assuming you might have got an upgrade, so there must be a problem with Xauthority file in /home folder. Try logging in by pressing Alt+Ctrl+F1 and delete any instance of the Xauthority files found. Following command can do it-

sudo rm .Xauthority*

Otherwise, enter the command to get gnome session to open:

startx gnome-session-fallback -- :1