Ubuntu – Why does removing gwibber-service get rid of indicator-me


I don't use gwibber at all but when I go to remove gwibber-service it wants to remove indicator-me. I still use empathy so I like the indicator being in place. Is there any way to have this removed and why does it want to remove this?

–indicator-me is the indicator where you can change your online availability and access Ubuntu one

Best Answer

The package indicator-me depends on the package libgwibber0 which depends on the package gwibber-service. You can't remove gwibber-service without removing libgwibber0 and indicator-me.

You can, however, remove gwibber-service from your startup applications (System->Preferences->Startup Applications) so that it doesn't sit there using resources. You will find that the broadcast text box disappears when gwibber-service isn't running.