Display Brightness – Does Redshift Need an Active Internet Connection to Work?


It seems redshift doesn't run without an active internet connection. If so, is there some way it could be run when there's no connection to the Internet?

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Update: Please note that a fix is now on its way. You can either wait until it arrives in the official repositories or apply it yourself by following the advice in post #53 and on in the bug report.

As Anwar pointed out, Redshift fetches its geolocation data online by default. There is a workaround, though:

Manual configuration of geolocation data

a.) Using a config file

From the project's homepage:

Redshift will look for a configuration file in “~/.config/redshift.conf”. Here is an example:

; Global settings

; The location provider and adjustment method settings
; are in their own sections.

; In this example screen 1 is adjusted by vidmode. Note
; that the numbering starts from 0, so this is actually
; the second screen.

Look for the directory provided above. If the configuration file doesn't exist, create one and append any custom options you like.

You will want to include location-provider=manual and modify lat= and long= with your location. This dialog will help you determine your coordinates.

b.) Using command-line arguments

Launch Startup Applications:

enter image description here

Find the Redshift entry in the startup app list and hit Edit. Under command enter the following string:

gtk-redshift -l LAT:LONG

Where LAT and LONG correspond with your coordinates. Hit save, then relog to activate Redshift.

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