Ubuntu – Why does LightDM only show a custom wallpaper on the login screen if I have selected one of the default wallpapers?


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How do I add customized wallpapers so they appear in the dynamic unity greeter?

LightDM only changes wallpapers if I have selected one of the default wallpapers. If I choose another image from my pictures, LightDM shows the default wallpaper.

Why is this happening, and how can I make LightDM show my wallpaper if it is not one of the defaults?

As @doug said in his answer, it works if you click on the little + symbol in the appearance settings: after you do that, LightDM changes wallpapers.

Best Answer

I bet you use an encrypted home folder - which is readable not before you log in. What you can do is to copy your background image for instance to /usr/share/backgrounds (as root, i.e.: sudo cp ~/Pictures/backgroundimage.png /usr/share/backgrounds/) and set it as background image out of this un-encrypted folder.

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