Ubuntu – Why does Déjà Dup say there is no space left


I'm trying to backup my home directory (excluding a few folders). The backup is saved on a ~300 GB partition (called backups) of an internal drive, but not the same drive as the home directory. When I try to backup, everything goes OK until at some point Déjà Dup says there is no space left on "backups". The problem is that Déjà Dup only used ~20 GB at this point, so there is a ton of space left. I tried several times without luck.

Why is Déjà Dup saying this?

The size of my home directory, without the excluded folders, is 136 GB.

Best Answer

So there are three possible places where Deja Dup might be out of space, and I don't think its error message tells you which. There is a bug filed about that.

  • You may have run out of space on the target partition (which it sounds like you didn't)
  • You may have run out of space in your home directory (~/.cache/deja-dup can get large)
  • You may have run out of space in /tmp
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