Ubuntu – Does a snap for vscode exist


The media is gushing about the snap package for Visual Studio Code, and how wonderful it is (apparently has a plug in that cures gout ;-). So I thought I'd give it a whirl. I dutifully typed:

$ sudo snap install --classic vscode
error: cannot install "vscode": snap not found

Where the articles all too early? Has vscode not yet landed in snap?

Best Answer

Visual Studio Code should show up in Ubuntu Software application if you search for "vscode" or it can be installed from the terminal by running the command sudo snap install code --classic A snap in classic confinement behaves as a traditionally packaged application with full access to the system, and Visual Studio Code extensions are installed into the user's home directory.

Visual Studio Code is not an full=featured IDE. For this reason it is not possible to create a project in Visual Studio Code, like it is in Visual Studio. On the other hand it is possible to run Python, C, C++, JavaScript, PHP, Java, R and some other programming language code blocks directly in Visual Studio Code using the Code Runner extension. It is also possible to run HTML code in an external web browser using the open in browser extension. Visual Studio Code is a lot smaller than Microsoft Visual Studio, however many Visual Studio extensions can also be installed in Visual Studio Code by selecting View -> Extensions and then search for the extension that you want to install.