Ubuntu – Does 12.04 need graphics drivers for NVidia


I upgraded to Kubuntu 12.04 today. I noticed some of my desktop effects were not working, like Wobbly Windows, and a couple others. So I went into Jockey to see if there were NVidia drivers that I needed, but oddly, there were none listed at all. So I went and installed NVidia drivers from their website. Now I cannot get to a login screen, and when I go to tty[1-6] and try "startx", I get an odd message stating that I may have to downgrade my X server, and that a GLX thing cannot be loaded because my X version does not support that.

  • The first time I installed NVidia drivers from the terminal, there were many errors saying that files cannot be copied. After that when I tried to reinstall the graphics drivers I got no errors.
  • There are no drivers listed in Jockey.
  • My graphics card: GeForce FX 5200 (aka NV34)
  • Driver version 173.
  • Trying to install nvidia-173 using APT results in an error saying that there are unmet and uninstallable dependencies.

My questions are: are these drivers unnecessary because of Ubuntu's move from DRM? Did I do the wrong thing? If so, how do I remove the drivers from my system, or how do I install them correctly?

Best Answer

nvidia-96 and nvidia-173 uninstallable on Precise


I have same problem too, but we need wait for NEW driver from Nvidia.