Ubuntu – Do i need to reinstall all the softwares after upgrading ubuntu 12.10 to 13.04


i was stopped by my sister from upgrading Ubuntu, for the reason she explained was that i would have to reinstall all the softwares that I've installed in last 6 months.
but i think if that's the case, the upgrade itself includes all softwares that i have installed.
so please tell me what's the truth?

please note that i just can't afford mentally to reinstall all apps due to slow INTERNET speed.because it may take 3 to 4 days of constant downloading.
if you are an Indian living in an suburban city,you can understand my situation.

i think the question itself explains everything.still I'll explain everything in detail.i want to upgrade my current Ubuntu 12.10 OS to 13.10(now please don't ask what is 13.10). this option is available from "about this computer" and many other places.the upgrade is of about 700mb to 800 MB.

BTW, i don't know why i think it's a rule here to put some question on questions asked here,however detailed or/and simple it may be.at least that's what i feel after looking at many questions.

Best Answer

Bottom line is that you will upgrade, some things will break, some things will need additional drivers. The video driver alone for me was 124 Meg alone, I'm sure on a slow connection that can take a few hours.

Don't upgrade, its not worth it UNLESS you have problems and hope it will fix them with an upgrade. But if your computer is working. Stay away, its just not worth it.

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