Ubuntu – Do I need to be concerned about browser security


I have been a long time windows user till about thanksgiving when I switched to ubuntu. on windows I used firefox because I could trust the security that it gave. Since malware/virus are next to none on ubuntu (and yes I have read up on all of the diffent point of views on both sides of having ubuntu security software or not) is google chrome just as safe on linux or should I stick with firefox?

Best Answer

from my experience, as an average user I would say you don't have to worry so much about malware on linux than on windows. This might be very different if you are running servers with important content on it. Since you have to approve anything that could be harmful to your core system (ie. anything that happens outside of /home) by giving your root password malware can't really affect your system settings, unless ofcourse you unknowingly grant them access.

So just stick to the rules...only download executable packages from trusted and/or well reviewed sources and NEVER run wine in sudo mode^^

Regarding the browsers I'd say either one is fine. I've used firefox for 3 years and I am now using Chromium for about a year and a half and I have never had problems with facebook hacks or anything like that.

From a very subjective point of view...I like the user experience with Chromium a little better though.