Ubuntu – Do I need iptables or ufw if I have gufw


On my Ubuntu computer I have Iptables,ufw and gufw installed on it but I am trying to figure out if I need to remove one so I did a experiment and removed iptables and I saw ufw and gufw was removed automatically with iptables I reintall iptables and it did not automatically came with ufw or gufw I install gufw without installing ufw and ufw was install automatically with gufw It like there are all connected to function properly but that just a experiment I went a true answer?

Best Answer

The answer before mine is right. But let's see if we can make it sound simple.

  1. iptables is the main firewall. It talks to the kernel. It's more complicated.

  2. ufw wants to make it "uncomplicated" ("ufw" stands for "uncomplicated firewall"). It talks to iptables. It's a command line tool.

  3. The G in Gufw must stand for "graphical", which should provide a click-click interface for ufw. It talks to ufw. It's a GUI.

Now I hope we could make out their functions and dependencies. ;-)

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