Ubuntu – Do I need an Ubuntu certification to teach Ubuntu


I have several students that want a course of Ubuntu. I would like to know the following very important points:

  1. Do I need an Ubuntu certification to certified my students afterwards that they know Ubuntu.

  2. Can I use the Ubuntu logo, an Ubuntu symbol for the certificate that I would give out?
    Do I need permissions?
    Where should I ask for permission?
    Is this possible?

  3. Is there an Ubuntu certificate format available that I could use?

  4. Is there a site where I could sign to teach and promote Ubuntu to new users (Become an Ubuntu teacher)?

  5. What information and permissions might I need from Ubuntu or Canonical if I wanted to give courses about Ubuntu?

Best Answer

1 . No

2.Yes you can use. But you should obtain permission from canonical

3.AFAIK no

4.I don't know about such sites, But you are already doing it here(askubuntu.com)

5.There is no need of permissions to teach ubuntu