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According to This Topic I just expand my sda4 to include unallocated space, my question is after create 2 new partitions sda7, sda8, do I need to move the swap partition to the most right of the disk? (I really don't know this, I saw a clip on youtube which moving the swap partition to the right side)


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You don't have to, but...

Although having the Swap partition at the end might not affect performance, it might let you modify the other partitions (enlarge/reduce etc.) more easily later without touching your Swap again.

And to do this in GParted:

  1. Select sda6, Right-click > Swapoff (to unmount the swap partition so that you can perform operations on it)
  2. Delete Swap (sda6) partition, which will create a larger unallocated space at the end of sda4
  3. Create one or more partitions as you need and then re-create the Swap partition at the end.
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