Ubuntu – get Unity instead of Classic when using NX


Recently I installed FreeNX on my PC and when I login with my 'dev' account I get the Unity interface rather than Classic Gnome. This is odd as my last login before FreeNX was with the Classic interface. I would like to have Classic over FreeNX by default.

I do login with a 'watch iplayer' account where the Unity interface works a treat. For this reason I would prefer not to uninstall Unity.

Any ideas?

Best Answer

Example for nomachine's NXClient:

Under 'desktop'

select 'unix' in the first drop down menu.
select 'custom' in the second drop down menu
click 'settings' on the right of it.
choose 'Run the following command' and insert:

gnome-session --session=2d-gnome
gnome-session --session=classic-gnome

and choose the 'New virtual desktop' option.

NX Client Configuration dialogue

By default your system should have these 'sessions'


ie, you could use gnome-session --session=ubuntu-2d for a 2d Unity session (no effects)

Session files sit under



Note: '2d-gnome' and 'classic-gnome' look the same, I don't know if they differ anywhere in partituclar.

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