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So I know this question may have been asked but I bring it up because I cant find a decent answer for my case and scenario. I have two hard-drives:

  1. My C DRIVE is the main drive and has my windows 10 installed on it.
  2. My second drive is my 1 TB hard-drive. The 1 TB is the hard-drive that i want to install Ubuntu on.

So in this case should I initially create a partition in the 1 TB (60 GB partition) and then choose "Alongside Windows" or should I not make any initial partition and just click "Something else."

Any feedback will be helpful and if possible can you please give me steps into ways of doing this.

Best Answer

You'll want to chose 'Install alongside Windows 10'. If it detected that Windows 10 was there, it will add it to the boot menu. You should be given the option to select what drive to install to. If you have issues, let us know.

When you select 'Something else', you will be required to do a lot more, so if you're not familiar with Ubuntu installing (the advanced way) then don't choose this.

If you really want to choose 'Something Else...' then try this question: Should I choose to Install alongside windows 8 or something else

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