Ubuntu – Distorted sound with bluetooth speaker in Ubuntu 16.04


I just upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 this morning.

When I got to work I connected my Blackweb Tsunami bluetooth speakers, and they connected fine, but the sound is so distorted, and almost sounds monotone.

It sounds horrible, these speakers worked perfectly in Ubuntu 15.10.


When I try to set the device sound mode from HSP/HFP to A2DP as suggested in LiveWireBTs answer the sound stops working completely.

Any help would be appreciated.

Best Answer

Go to Sound Settings, select your Bluetooth audio device and check that the device is set to A2DP not HSP/HFP (which is mono and has very low quality).

enter image description here

Edit: If Bluetooth audio stops working after you do that in 16.04 you need to apply the following workaround: https://askubuntu.com/a/817926/40581