Ubuntu – Displayport 1.2 MST/daisy chain – Dual Monitor setup – Intel graphics

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I am running ubuntu 13.10 on a desktop system and I have 2 monitors that I am trying to connect via Displayport's 1.2 multi-streaming support.

The system is equiped with an Intel Core i7-4770K processor and I'm using the displayport (1.2) output of the Intel HD Graphics 4600 to connect the computor to a Dell U2413 monitor. The second monitor (Dell U2412) is connected via a displayport 1.1 cable to the Dell U2413 monitor.

Ubuntu detects the U2413 monitor fine, but it doesn't detect the U2412 monitor. (The U2412 monitor is only recognised when I connect it directly to computor.) The daisy chain setup works fine under Windows 7 though … Any ideas on how to get it working under ubuntu?

Best Answer

MST is not implemented in Linux at this time nor is it implemented in Apple's OSX despite the fact that the hardware has supported it for several years but Apple will have it implemented sometime this year because it is required by the new 4K monitors that use DisplayPort 1.2 and Linux support will probably come around that time. The only OS that currently properly supports MST is Windows because the drivers on that platform have it implemented. Also, the 2412 monitor uses DP 1.1 which does not support MST, so you should replace the monitor with another 2413.